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I am committed to caring for each child as if I were the parent. I cuddle and kiss them every single day. To see how they reach new accomplishments everyday is joyous. Helping them to grow and learn as much as possible is most meaningful to me. I really appreciate the parents who entrust me with their darlings. Though I am not their mother, my role is just as strong, I know someday the time will come when we will have to part,  but every single child I’ve cared for is forever in my heart ♥️ 

Ramesh Javan

Our Programs

Infants & Toddlers
Twos & Early Preschool
Private Kindergarten
Education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We empower you with early childhood educational options to create the most fitting path for your child and to ensure they’re prepared for elementary school. We have yoga for toddlers, art program, music teacher, art teacher, the kids have coloring, group activities, playtime.

Special Programs

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Through play situations,our program stresses use of motor skills. Children learn colors, shapes and sizes, locations and numbers. Teachers use “fun” characters while learning self-control, communication and cooperation skills. Cognitive development are introduces. Social and emotional development is designed through the discussion of feelings. Circle time is not forced on the child but rather a teacher creates a fun lesson plan which drives the curiosity of the child and invites the child into the activity. 



Upon the natural curiosity of this age group, the teacher guides children into many discoveries about this world. Vocabulary increases, as they listen to stories, discuss feeling in circle time and engage in cooperative play with classmates. Fine motor skills are developed with  block building and clay play. Letters and numbers become more important to the child since they develop their language development. 
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